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Anlev Established Strategic Alliance with Pedarco S.r.l. to Jointly Develop Automated Pedestrian Overpass System

[Hong Kong, 20 January 2014] Anlev (HK) Ltd is delighted to announce that it has collaborated with Pedarco S.r.l. in Italy to form a joint venture, Pedarco International Ltd, in Hong Kong.  This joint venture is aim to develop the automated
pedestrian overpass system for the global market.
Pedarco is a patented new generation of pedestrian transport system that allows pedestrian, wheel chair, baby stroller,
bicycle and shopping trolley to easily and safely overcome obstacles such as roads, railways and waterways.  It works as a shuttle and moves first vertically, then horizontally and again vertically, helping the elderly and disabled to move around safely and easily.  Pedarco can help smoothing the pedestrian flow with reduced unnecessary stop and start for traffic
lights, shortening journey time, minimising accidents, and therefore lessening traffic jams and vehicle gas emissions.
In addition, Pedarco’s automated pedestrian overpass system uses the unique integrated energy reclaim system, which consumes only half of the energy of comparable conventional elevators and escalators.  Anlev is excited to be providing
this environmental friendly pedestrian system with unique features for the world market.
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Pedarco’s automated pedestrian overpass system allows pedestrian to cross the highway easily and safely.

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